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Allen TX Housing Market Prices and Trends

Whether you are planning to sell or purchase real estate in Allen TX, it is important to understand Allen TX Housing Market Prices and Trends, this important information will in determining a list price for a property and it will help buyers get an idea of what your Allen TX home might be worth in today's real estate market. It is also very important to note that property values fluctuate on many differing variables, such as interest rates, situs (the physical location of real estate, does it back up to a major highway, multi-family housing, a landfill or an active railroad line) and the current or projected political landscape.

Allen TX Average Home Sales Price

The graph below shows the average home sales price for Allen TX over the last ten years; you can see that the average sales price for homes in Allen TX have steadily increased, which is a good thing for homeowners looking to sell their property.

Allen TX Average Days on the Market

The average days on the market for properties in Allen TX is indicated below. Days on Market is a measure of how long it takes for a home to sell after it has been put on the market. Days on the market is typically calculated as the number of days between the listing date (the date it was available for sale) and the contract date (the date of the agreement to purchase the property).

Allen TX Closed Real Estate Sales

The chart below indicates the closed/sold real estate sales in Allen TX for the previous month; this is another indicator of the health of any housing market. 

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