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Why Use Realtor® Representation When Buying A New Construction Home

1.The builder’s sales representative represents only one party, i.e. the builder and NOT you!
2.Sales representatives may give the appearance that sales prices are non-negotiable. MostRealtors® have a solid working relationship with builder representatives and usually know what their bottom line is on a home and what other incentives are currently being offered.
3.Most Realtors® should know the builder’s reputation for quality and home warrantyresponses.
4.An agent can give you objective professional advice and insight during all phases of the process,such as contract, construction, walkthrough, and closing.
5.Should you get a home inspection when buying new construction? If you do, who will you choose? Realtors® have access to many reputable home inspectors who are licensed.
6.An experienced agent can most likely save the consumer money building with new construction; builders do not discount the price because the consumer has no representation.
7.An experienced agent can provide you a wealth of knowledge on schools, shopping, recreation,home improvement, etc.
8.When the builder is done building in your neighborhood, they pull up their stakes, pack it up and move on; who’s your friend now? Your Realtor® if you used one to buy your home!
9.The builder pays the Realtor® their commission; you should not have to pay your Realtor®anything!
10.Real Estate is a huge investment; why not use a professional that has experience and marketknowledge that is beneficial to you. Not using a Realtor® is like trying to be your own attorney, not a good idea!
11.Builders do not cut their prices for you if you don’t have Realtor® representation!