Wire Fraud, Take it Seriously

Buyers and Sellers Beware: Criminals are targeting real estate transactions. Don’t be a victim of wire fraud. What is wire fraud and how does it occur? Criminals are targeting real estate transactions by gaining access to electronic communications or sending emails that appear to be from a real estate agent, a title company, a lender, or another trusted source. These fraudulent emails seem legitimate and direct you to wire funds to a fraudulent account. Once you wire funds to the fraudulent account, your money is gone.
How can you protect yourself from wire fraud? You should not send personal information, such as bank account numbers or other financial information, via email or other unsecured electronic communication.

Verify the Communication’s Authenticity

If you receive any electronic communication regarding wiring instructions, even if the communication appears to come from a legitimate source, you should verify the communication’s authenticity prior to the transfer of funds in person or via phone call using a recognized phone number that is not found in the communication. If you think you are being targeted in a wire fraud scam, immediately notify law enforcement, your lender, the title company, and your agent.

Notice: This brokerage will never use any electronic communications, such as email, text messages, or social media messages, to ask you to wire funds or provide personal information.