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Learn about Prosper TX Home Prices & Home Values here at Brownstead Real Estate, LLC. The average sales price of homes in Prosper TX for March 2024 was $966,969, a whopping 13.5% increase over the previous 12 months. Although mortgage interest rates have increased and stayed generally higher over the past several months, Prosper TX is growing and with that growth, the demand for housing is expected to increase as well. Additionally, Frisco and McKinney are just about built-out, so homebuyers have shifted their focus to the Celina and Prosper areas.

March 2024 Prosper TX Average Sales Price

Prosper TX Housing Inventory for March 2024

The March 2024 Prosper TX Housing Inventory has increased by 1.0% compared to March 2023. Although a small, increase, it is indicative of the continued housing demand in Prosper and I am condifent that homeowners are thrilled to see this increase.

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